Calm reflections

I always try to throw a good dusting of humour in with these articles, to cheer up what is not always the world’s most exciting subject. Planning for a world without you in it, or where you might be here in body but not in mind, is never that much fun.

But the world in these last few weeks has not been a funny place. The news has been dark, full of items that make us feel so sorry for those caught up in recent events but have also made us think about ourselves. We have been to the Manchester Arena, with our own children, and walked across that bridge. We also travel through airports and train stations. We need to be aware of the risks and make sure we have made the right plans to protect our families’ futures should something terrible happen to us. We all know that but often keep putting it off, but why? Sorting out your planning is quick and won’t hurt a bit, apart from the cost which will all be set out to you before you go ahead with anything.

And that other thing that has filled the news. Something about the 8th of June….? The usual dispiriting political shenanigans, with each accusing the other of being in chaos and unable to add up the simple figures that should underpin their promises.
What else will happen this week? Let’s hope we have no more awful news and that the election goes ahead to put some flesh on the bones of the promises made. Then we can assess the best way forward in planning for you and your family’s future. But for now it’s wait and see. The landscape will no doubt be different on Friday. Either we will have a new government or we will have Theresa having to live up to the commitments she has made. The biggest change for the planning I do will be the promised new £100,000 threshold for care costs which will have a major benefit for us poor folk up North.

To see how the next government, whatever colour it is, will impact you and your planning, come in to see us in the next few weeks, when I hope we will have time for calm reflection. We will pick out the best bits in our articles over the next few weeks.

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