Sadly, disputes over Wills, inheritance and probate do happen and they can cause huge rifts in families. Our aim is to encourage amicable settlements that allow families to move on from their disagreements.

We aim to prevent Inheritance disputes which is why our creative legal team provide clients with expert advice on wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. However this isn't always possible and sometimes disagreements arise that need to be resolved. You want a speedy outcome that does not waste half of your inheritance on legal fees!

Why turn to Poole Townsend if you have an inheritance dispute?

We always look for a creative solution to your problem. We are problem solvers who strive to lead parties to compromise and agreement rather than court proceedings.

We have a range of skills and experience that enable you to achieve a fair deal, and we always maintain a professional, personal and compassionate service.

What can you expect 

Your first meeting is free and we use it as a means to obtain full details of the case from you in order to give you clear advice as to whether or not you should pursue your claim further. If we feel you have reasonable prospects of success then we will clearly advise you of this and explore the funding options. 

If you wish to go ahead, we will advise you of the next step to take:-

  • We investigate your claim in detail and consider with you at all stages whether or not the claim continues to have good prospects of success.
  • We guide you through the legal process, obtaining all the necessary evidence, including medical evidence. We consult with you at all stages.
  • If the claim continues to have good prospects of success, we achieve the best settlement possible.
  • If we cannot agree a settlement of your claim, then, provided the claim continues to have good prospects of success, and funding is in place, then we will commence Court proceedings for you. Often, the claim settles at that stage but if it is not capable of settlement, then at the end of the case the Judge will make a decision on your claim in Court.

Contact us today to talk about your particular situation and we'll help you to decide what you need to do next. 

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  • I am very pleased how well you dealt with my case and would recommend your services to anyone that needs professional and excellent solicitors. Thanks.

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