Deafness Claims

Exposure to a noisy environment for any length of time (eg: at work) can cause loss of hearing, deafness and tinnitus. If you have worked in a noisy environment and find that you have become hard of hearing you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries.


When Mr B retired he noticed that he was suffering from deafness and tinnitus and needed to turn the TV up loud and could not converse with a group of people as he found it too difficult. His former employer had failed to protect him against the noisy environment in which he worked and he recovered over £10,000.00 in compensation for his injuries as a result of a claim made on his behalf by Poole Townsend.

Vibration White Finger

Employees working with vibrating tools and equipment for many hours a day, particularly without a break or protection, have developed vibration white finger or hand/arm vibration syndrome. The symptoms include blanching and numbness of fingers which go white and very cold. Employees may be entitled to make a claim against their employer.


Mr B used vibrating tools in his work for many years at the Shipyard as a result of which he suffered from VWF. Mr B was a member of his Trade Union and pursued a claim for compensation through the Union Scheme. He was offered £7,000.00 and then consulted Poole Townsend who dealt with a full claim on his behalf and secured a final compensation settlement of £25,000.00, which included compensation for his handicap on the labour market.

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