We'll help you work out if Equity Release is the right option for what you require

Equity Release

If you’re a home-owner and you want to improve your finances in retirement you might consider releasing the money locked up in your home through an Equity Release. You don’t need to sell your house or trade down to a smaller property. You can stay in your home and receive a lump sum or additional income (or a combination of both) against the value of your house. These schemes can differ greatly, and some of them come with complicated terms. Overall, it can seem like a risky or even scary course to take. But you’re not alone - we’re here to help you make the right decision, and choose a scheme that will work for you.

Our Independent Advice makes all the difference

Let us put you at ease. Our retirement planning specialists have helped hundreds of people in your position achieve their financial goals through an Equity Release. We’ve got one agenda only – securing the best deal for you. It’s not our job to sell these schemes. Instead, it’s our responsibility to help you work out if an Equity Release is the right option for what you require.

Take the right steps towards your Equity Release

You might be in the early stages of planning, completely new to the idea, or just about ready to finalise a deal. But before you go any further, we recommend that you speak to us. Equity Release is a big decision to make, but done right it could make all the difference. Whether or not you go ahead, doing your homework properly will give you the peace of mind that you’ve took the right steps and received the best outcome for you.

Is Equity Release the answer you’ve been looking for?

Our job is to serve our local community with spot on, sound advice. It comes from the heart. And if home truly is where the heart is, we think when it comes to your home you’re best off with a second, objective opinion. If you’re considering Equity Release, chances are there’s a scheme to suit you. But there are many schemes to choose from each with their own complexities to get your head around, so let us guide you through to making the right decision.

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