Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Life in general can be misleading. There is a constant barrage of information telling us what to do, when to do it and the best way to do it. The most dangerous information can sometimes be statistics, and as we all know ‘you can prove anything with facts!’

By cherry picking what you want people to see the information that comes across can seem convincing and sometimes too good to be true. My current favourite is a particular television advert for an internet estate agent proudly telling us that you can save on average £5,000 on your estate agent fees and to speak to their local expert (who lives in Lancaster).

We live in a highly desirable area of the country which supports a healthy property market but fee levels have never reached the heights where a £5,000 saving is necessary, unlike markets like London which are taken into account for these figures. At Poole Townsend we offer competitive fees which include legal conveyancing costs, and as we are regulated by both the National Association of Estate Agents and the Solicitor Regulation Authority everything we do is up front and transparent.

I could tell you that Poole Townsend sold the most houses on my birthday last year (which we did), however without the bigger picture and the expert local knowledge that we provide then a true overview of the local property market and our successful sales levels over the last year would not be seen.

Here at Poole Townsend we pride ourselves on our up front and honest approach to selling property coupled with high levels of customer service and a friendly demeanour. Come and speak to us about any aspect of property sales in our Main Street office or on 015395 33316. Our local experts live and work in the Grange area to provide a true and honest reflection on our thriving property market.

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